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h2. New Features and Improvements

* QB-3918: Audit log for dashboard change
* QB-3935: Able to rename overriden variables as well when rename a variable
* QB-3941: Add Logging for step type: Execute groovy script from file
* QB-3943: Export users/groups as csv with user/group relationship
* QB-3956: Able to annotate inactive nodes for offline reason
* QB-3969: Able to mark configuration as favorite to show in favorite configurations gadget
* QB-3970: Able to search by build description
* QB-3971: Able to export build search result as Excel
* QB-3978: Improve user restful api to be able to list administrators
* QB-3983: Filter out builds not accessible instead of throw AccessDeniedException for build query restful api
* QB-3998: Allow the addition of other users to cc on the "Submit Support Request" page
* QB-4002: Permission to edit settings of child configurations
* QB-4018: Add timeout parameter to Context's methods
* QB-4025: Able to customize k8s agent service definition
* QB-4027: Add additional columns to scripted build list gadget
* QB-4030: Able to save step log as text file via script api
* QB-4031: Improve agent heartbeat to check connection fro server to agent also
* QB-4040: Add wordcount in ckeditor for various html editor.
* QB-4046: Java 21 LTS support
* QB-4050: "All open pull request" in "Pull requests" of "Repositories/Github" couldn't filter the 'Draft' PR
* QB-4052: Able to launch build agent in EC2 with temporal credentials of IAM role
* QB-4053: Able to launch on-demand EC2 build agent with specified IAM instance profile
* QB-4054: Able to publish artifacts to AWS S3 with temporal credentials of IAM role
* QB-4057: Able to rename overrided steps in descendent configurations when rename a step
* QB-4058: Able to rename overrided repositories in descendent configurations when rename a repository
* QB-4060: Able to add comment to build
* QB-4061: An option to show recent builds triggered by current user in configuration recent builds table

h2. Bugs

* QB-3955: Variables accessed via configuration.getVarValue() is not masked in build log
* QB-4048: Authoriz/Unauthorize build agent API error
* QB-4055: UI no response when save a copied dashboard
* QB-4056: Dashboard button is disappeared after menu popped up





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