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# Start QuickBuild server of *2.0 beta1*, login as administrator and switch to the _Administration_ tab.
# Select link _Database Backup_ from left side of the screen, and click button _Backup Now_ to backup the database to a zip file.
# Install new version of QuickBuild to a separate directory following [server installation guide|Server Installation Guide].
# If you plan to use an external database such as MySQL or SQL server, please edit file _conf/hibernate.properties_ and specify proper database connection settings.
Make sure the external database you connecting to is blank. Specifically if you connect to the existing database used by previous QuickBuild versions, please delete that database and recreate it first.
# Open an command line window, and switch to the _bin_ sub directory under the *new version*'s installation directory. Run the restore command to restore from the backup file generated in step 2. On Windows platform, the command is _restore.bat <backup file path>_, and on unix platforms, it will be <backup file path>_.
# The server is now upgraded. If you've configured agents for the old QuickBuid version, you will need to re-install those agents following the [agent installation guide|Build Agent Installation Guide] since the agent auto-update program has been changed. This step will not be necessary for future upgrades.
# Due to a bug in beta1, the Cobertura plugin is disabled after upgrade. If you are publishing Cobertura reports, please manually enable Cobertura plugin by switching to page _Administration / Plugin Management_.