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# Stop QuickBuild server of previous version, you do not need to stop agents since they will be auto-upgraded after server is upgraded.
# On Windows, run _<old installation directory>/bin/service-uninstall.bat_ to uninstall QuickBuild NT service of previous version if necessary.
# Extract installation package of new version to a new directory.
# Open a command line window, and switch to the _bin_ sub directory under the *new version*'s installation directory. Run the migrate command to migrate from previous QuickBuild version. On Windows platform, the command is _migrate.bat <install directory of previous QuickBuild version>_, and on unix platforms, it will be <install directory of previous QuickBuild version>_.
# Start QuickBuild server in new installation directory and agents will be auto-updated. It will take a while for them to appear in the build grid.
# Verify server and agent installation by running some builds.