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QuickBuild supports [publish JUnit Report|Publish JUnit Report] by default, after JUnit Report has been published successfully, the following navigation menus will be displayed in _Build_ Tab:

You can view the JUnit report by a particular type.

h3. Failed Tests

In this report, all failed tests will be displayed. Following is an example screenshot:

h3. Test Packages

In this report, the package related data will be displayed, by clicking the link of 'Package Name', you will see the details of the test suites information. By clicking the link next to !trend_icon.gif!, you can view the trends chart of this indicator in last several builds.

h3. Test Suites

Like the Test Packages report, you can see a lot of information for the specified test suite.

h3. Test Cases

This report displays all the test cases that ran in the current build.