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h3. Quick links
* [Installation Guide|Installation Guide]
* [Upgrade Guide|Upgrade to 3.0.x]
* [Documentation|Documentation Home]
* [Download Link|]

h3. Changes since 2.1.x

h3. Changes since 2.0.x
# A cross-platform [tray monitor] to view build, trigger build and report build events from desktop.
# [The custom statistics feature|add custom statistics data] is added to generate user defined statistics based on arbitrary xml files.
# Analyze [.NET NCover report|publish ncover report] to publish code coverage result and statistics over time.
# Analyze [.NET Fxcop report|publish fxcop report] to publish code analysis result and statistics over time.
# Analyze [CPD report|publish cpd report] to publish code duplicate result and statistics over time.
# User can now add new SCM systems, steps, reports, statistics, notifiers and authentication systems to QuickBuild by [writing custom plugins|develop plugins].
# External system can operate QuickBuild programmatically via the new [RESTful API].
# Database backup and restore is now much faster. An option to exclude builds when backup database is also added.
# Support to use Oracle as external database.
# [SSL support|protect QuickBuild using SSL] for QuickBuild server and agents.
# Improved ClearCase support. Existing dynamic or snapshot view can now be used for build, besides the ability to create new view based on config spec or stream/baseline information.
# Task and compilation error in Ant build step can now be catched and reported in build overview screen.
# Add browser back button support when navigating QuickBuild pages.
# Build tabs, statistics tabs, report set and report filters are now remembered when switching between different build and configuration for better navigation experience.
# Add an option to always display default value of the variable when it is prompted.
# Add scripting API to acquire and release resources when step executes. This addresses the issue of resource contention when multiple steps running on the same node with limited resources. Refer to the [resource locking] samples on how to use this API.
# Fix the issue that QuickBuild page sometimes throws exception if opened/viewed in multiple browser tabs.
# Fix the issue that sometimes variable can be specified with empty value even if it is not allowed to empty.

h3. Major improvements over 1.x
# Native support for a number of build reports. Refer to below documents for details of build reports:
#* [working with build reports|Working with Reports]
#* [publish build reports|Publish Build Reports]
#* [publish html reports|Publish HTML Reports]
# Build statistics. Refer to below documents for details of build statistics:
#* [working with statistics|Working with Statistics]
# Build grid support. Refer to below documents for details of build grid:
#* [setup distributed builds|Set Up Distributed Builds]
#* [configure build grid|Working with Build Grid]
# Introduce the concept of proof build to build/test user's uncommited changes at server, and optionally checkin that those changes automatically if build/test succeeds.
#* [working with proof build|Working with Proof Build]
#* [setup proof build|Set Up Proof Build]
# Visually arrange steps to design build process. Refer to below documents for details:
#* [configuration setup|Build Setup]
# Build promotion visualization. Source build and destination build will be linked to show the promotion relation.
# Fine grained access control when assign permissions for groups.
# Be able to customize build option screen and promote option screen when manually triggers a build or promote a build. This is supported through prompt settings of variables.
# Builds can run concurrently even for a single configuration to better utilize build grid resource. To configure concurrent running builds for a single configuration, the master step needs to be configured to run on agent instead of server.
# Be able to recommend build. Recommended build will have a star icon attached. Promote operation can be configured to only applicable for recommended builds.
# Build changes will be collected during a build promotion process. For example, if a release build is generated as result of promoting from a QA build, the change set between current release and last release will be collected automatically.
# Be able to view/diff changed source files in the change set panel.
# Be able to compare two builds (not necessary ajacent) and generate changes between them.

h3. Features exist in 1.x but not yet implemented in 2.1
# Eclipse and Visual Studio plugin to monitor QuickBuild.
# Integration with JIRA.

These features will be implemented in next major release.