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  • GitHub integration to build pull requests and update pull request status based on build status
  • Support to use a referenced Git repository to speed up Git clone operation and reduce disk spaces for large Git repositories
  • Leverage perforce shelve/unshelve feature to verify developer change without using user agent
  • Display changes made in externals when checking out a Subversion repository with externals
  • Support to specify date as revision when define a Subversion repository
  • QuickBuild repository option "latest finished build" should not fail downstream build even if the build is failed
  • Transaction number field in Accurev repository is now scriptable
  • Add bzr+ssh support


  • Define global environments in composite step so that child step can inherit and override them
  • Refactor build grid so that a running build can exit automatically if communication problem to some used agents is encountered
  • Define prompt condition for variables to control conditional prompting of variables via scripts
  • Cancel triggered build upon cancelling the master build if master build is set to wait for finishing of triggered build
  • Optionally wait for start of a build in order to record build id in trigger build step


  • GitHub issue tracker is integrated to show issues mentioned in commit comments, Create Issue Step can be used to create issue in GitHub server.


  • Coverity report is now supported


  • In case build and step is waiting, detect and show the reasons
  • Define custom columns to be displayed in build request table and build history table
  • Add recent access information of in resources page to help determine if a resource is actively used
  • Be able to define order of prompted variables
  • Be able to organize favorite dashboards if an user has more than ten dashboards
  • Displays all dashboards defined by all users in administration menu so that administrator can edit/delete them as necessary
  • Artifact download URL is now sensitive to the selected build type
  • Adjustable queue page size via system setting
  • Permission to only download recommended artifacts
  • Be able to search grid nodes by attribute values


  • New maintenance step to remove obsolete accounts no longer existing in LDAP server
  • Be able to trigger build as another user from RESTful API if permitted
  • Remove workspaces from active nodes when delete configurations
  • Prevent any user from querying all builds in the system via RESTful API to protect the system
  • RESTful API to get average build duration and success rate in specified date range for a configuration
  • RESTful API to query build dependency information
  • Upgrade groovy to 1.8.9 to allow new scripting features


  • Bazaar source control plugin should create destination path if it does not exist
  • QB doesn't list changed files for bazaar
  • Running a build for the first time does not auto-refresh the build overview page
  • Operation of disable/enable configuration is not audited
  • System resume action is not audited
  • P4 proof build reports "can not clobber writable file" if clobber option is not checked
  • P4 proof build reports "can not write readonly file" when reverting local changes in special cases
  • Unexpected exception raised when defining custom stats indicator color using expression
  • Unknown test status SUCCESS_PERCENTAGE_FAILURE when publishing TestNG report
  • Option workspace is specified more than once when running TFS workfold command
  • Checkout Failed with proofbuild perforce repository which has a depot containing spaces in the path
  • Variables values set during the node selection script are not reflected outside of this script


  • Since 5.0.14, RESTful APIs for fetching changes and issues are changed, especially for configuration param, the notable changes are, when you specify configuration path before 5.0.14, you need add PATH: as a prefix, now, you can specify the configuration path directly.
  • Groovy is upgraded from 1.7.9 to 1.8.9 and this may affect some existing scripts.
  • When upgrading to QuickBuild 5.0.14, you may need reinstall QuickBuild for JIRA plugin, as the old plugin is not compatible with the new REST API supplied by QuickBuild.


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