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  • Add proof build support for Accurev repository.
  • Add repository of Gerrit type to support verifying changes/patchsets from a Gerrit server.
  • Avoid creating build requests to check for changes if a branch is not changed since last check when Git repository is set to build against a set of branches. This behavior can be turned off via option Queue Changed Branches Only in configuration advanced setting.
  • Improve Git repository to continue with build even if changes can not be calculated (for instance when the branch is rebased).
  • Add Record Changes step to record changes of specified repository without checking it out.
  • Submit If Successful of Perforce shelve support can be scripted.
  • Run perforce reconcile command before build instead of after build if reconcile option is enabled for the repository. This is useful to leave workspace untouched for diagnostics purpose after running a build.
  • Perforce shelve support is improved to leverage the -e switch when submitting perforce shelved changes. This option has the advantage of also removing the shelved changes at developer side if the change is submitted by QuickBuild.


  • Integrate JFrog Artifactory to publish artifacts and resolve build dependencies.
  • Able to persist unprocessed build requests upon system shutdown, and resume to process persisted build requests after system is started.
  • Add step condition if the build is cancelled and execute as long as the build is not cancelled to control whether or not a step should be executed upon build cancellation.
  • Sync Maven build version after running maven build step in order to pick up version changes in pom file modified by maven release plugin.
  • Improve grid system to check agent connectivity periodically during a build and cancel all build steps running in the grid when agent connection loss is detected.
  • Pause action in system setting page now simply pauses build requests instead of failing them.
  • Add options in configuration advanced settings to execute specified scripts upon deleting configurations and builds.
  • Audit logging of builds triggered by other builds.


  • Single sign-on support by trusting user name in specified http header, which can be configured via security setting page.
  • Able to define permission sets in administration page and assign permission sets to groups.
  • Able to run as arbitrary user from user management page if current user has administrative rights.
  • Manually associated groups at QuickBuild side to a LDAP user will remain associated even after a LDAP group refresh.


  • Able to find overrides and usages in descendant configurations for steps/repositories/variables/notifications/aggregations/promotions.
  • Able to view step log before build finishes.
  • Improve build live log to display log entries more accurately when parallel steps are involved.
  • Improve build live log to pause refreshing if user scrolls back.
  • Able to aggregate SCM changes to display overall SCM changes and statistics of descendant configurations.
  • Provide the option of not matching specified criteria when filter active grid nodes.
  • Able to copy current configuration to selected parent at right top side of the screen.
  • Able to display custom banner via system setting page.
  • Able to render html tags in custom request/build column.
  • Display schedule information in configuration search page.
  • Configuration search is now case insensitive.
  • Able to display links to failed dependency build in step status graph.
  • Node link now points to node detail page on step status graph for consistence with other node links, and a separate workspace link is added to lead user to node workspace page on step status graph.
  • Adds an option in configuration advanced settings to control whether or not to display configuration links in build pipelines page.


  • RESTful API can now list promoted builds if specific build via /rest/builds/<build id>/promotedTo.
  • Able to create/update/delete grid resources via RESTful API.
  • Able to add custom tabs to details of a particular grid node via extension point NodeTabContribution.
  • Improve MiscUtils.sendMail to be able to specify bcc list.
  • Return a http status code of 204 (no content) for file listing RESTful API of specified path does not exist.


  • Velocity template of email notification can now use #include/#parse directive to include contents under the publish directory of current build.
  • Add metrics of new arriving build requests.
  • Apache commons codec is updated to latest version to make it working with groovy http client.


  • EC2 node can go offline right after it is picked for running a step.
  • Running agent/server on Mac OSX Yosemite prints error message of "illegal option – o" (requires re-installing of build agent).
  • Mac OSX Yosemite is incorrectly identified as 32bit although it is 64bit (requires re-installing of build agent).
  • Large build log can cause read timeout exception to make build logs not available after build.
  • Hibernate exception of illegally attempted to a proxy with two open sessions can be raised when requesting a manual build.
  • Audit log does not contain changes made to alert and custom stats settings.
  • Http basic authentication information is not URL encoded when cloning a Git repository.
  • Perforce commit dates is incorrect if timezone of QuickBuild server and Perforce server is different.
  • Perforce client can be re-created in some cases when shelve support is enabled.
  • Agent token can get lost at server side to cause agent not being able to connect with server.
  • Mail timeout setting does not have effect.


  • Since 5.0.14, RESTful APIs for fetching changes and issues are changed, especially for configuration param, the notable changes are, when you specify configuration path before 5.0.14, you need add PATH: as a prefix, now, you can specify the configuration path directly.
  • Groovy is upgraded from 1.7.9 to 1.8.9 and this may affect some existing scripts.
  • When upgrading to QuickBuild 5.0.14, you may need reinstall QuickBuild for JIRA plugin, as the old plugin is not compatible with the new REST API supplied by QuickBuild.


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