Working with Accurev

Accurev relies heavily on accurate system clock to perform its operations. Please make sure clock of the build server and all build agents interacting with Accurev repository are synced with Accurev server.

Specify Accurev command location

QuickBuild utilizes the accurev command to interact with Accurev SCM. If this command is not in system path, you will need to specify location of the command by configuring Accurev plugin as below:

Further more, accurev command location can be specified on a per-node basis by following below steps:

  1. Open Accurev plugin setting page and define the accurev path property as:
  2. For each node that does not have accurev on system path, define the user attribute accurevPath to point to the actual accurev path like below:

Please note that in above example, the accurevPath user attribute is just for demonstration purpose. You can use any other user attribute name.

Change detection

If the build process involves checking out from a Accurev repository, the changes will be detected for the build stream and all parent streams until a snapshot or time-locked parent is found.

Label a Accurev repository

The label step will create a snapshot stream backed by the build stream, with the snapshot name set to label name.


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