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Release Highlights

New features

  • QB-3320: Java 11 support
  • QB-3295: Syntax highlight for groovy script
  • QB-3314: GPU option support when create EC2 instances
  • QB-3301: Allow for additional flags to git repository log command
  • QB-3324: Provide api to run another groovy script on specified node and get result when executing a groovy script
  • QB-3325: Optionally include a custom file for environment setup when service starts
  • QB-3292: Add STOP_OWNER_BUILD permission
  • QB-3290: Able to run designated build on stopping build agent

Bug fixes

  • QB-3318: Running builds gadget sometimes shows no builds even if builds are running in a configuration
  • QB-3313: Promotion should run once even if repository branch contains wildcard
  • QB-3322: QB reports "Build is too old to be requested" if triggered build builds against multiple branches
  • QB-3323: Incorrect commit is being built for pull requests originating from forked repositories in BitBucket server
  • QB-3276: Report head commit instead of merged commit to GitHub for pull request builds
  • QB-3297: After reboot on Windows Server, service does not start
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