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Release Highlights

New Features and Improvements

  • QB-3578: Send status reason text along with status code in pre-queue evaluation response
  • QB-3534: Do not persist scheduler generated build requests
  • QB-3609: Use a backoff strategy to persist build request when system is idle to improve performance
  • QB-3659: Spot VM support for Azure cloud profile
  • QB-3662: Retry launching on-demand node via cloud profiles in case there are temporal errors
  • QB-1901: Able to launch EC2 spot instance via cloud profile

Bug Fixes

  • QB-3660: Unable to run child steps on other nodes if previous node is not available upon retry
Important Changes

QuickBuild 10.x (both server and agent) requires Java 1.8 or higher
Groups authorized with permission Node Attributes Accessible can only view user attributes now. An extra permission Can Edit Node Attributes needs to be enabled to edit user attributes

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