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Upgrade from QuickBuild 1.x

  1. Login to QuickBuild 1.x as administrator, switch to page Administration/Backup Database, and backup the database as backup.xml under QuickBuild 1.x's installation directory.
  2. Install QuickBuild2 following the installation guide. Assume installation directory for QuickBuild2 server is /opt/quickbuild2.
  3. Open a command prompt window, switch to directory /opt/quickbuild2/bin, and run command migrate.sh <QuickBuild 1.x installation directory> (or migrate.bat on Windows). The param <QuickBuild 1.x installation directory> should be replaced by the actual installation directory of
    QuickBuild 1.x.
  4. After migration, please check the file /opt/quickbuild2/migrate/migrate-log.html for all settings that can not be migrated and needs to be re-configured.
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