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Publish Build Artifacts

Artifacts can be published to build server during the build process. These artifacts can be manually downloaded by user from QuickBuild web interface, or can be used as dependency while building other projects. To publish artifacts, just add the step Publish -> Artifacts from the step menu.

Properties in the artifact publish step are explained in the online help, and we will not repeat it here. Instead, we will give an example to help you better understand how to publish the artifacts. Suppose the workspace has the following directory structure:


And we want that the artifact directory has following directory structure after publish step:

To accomplish this, you will need two artifact publish steps, one that publishes zip files, and the another that publishes doc files. Key property of the zip publish step are listed below:

  • from directory: distribution
  • files to publish: *.zip
  • destination directory: <left empty>

Key properties of the doc publish step are:

  • from directory: docs
  • files to publish: *.doc
  • destination directory: userguide


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